My College Sports Mentor.  MCSM is a division of The Amistad Companies LLC 

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using mentorship to help young athletes

ACHIEVe their dreams

what we do

why we do it

we love sports!


Everyone in this company knows the elation of victory, the disappointment of losing, and the lasting joy of competition. There is no feeling quite like pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible to achieve the lofty goals you've set.

all of us at my college sports mentor have learned how to be excellent leaders & teammates, how to set and achieve goals, how to overcome adversity, and how to be someone who can be counted upon. These values learned through sport have benefited us all in sports, but also in life.

These lessons are learned by committing to the process of improving ourselves. It takes time. It takes enduring commitment. It takes belief. It takes a mentor to believe in us, to train us properly, and to push us in positive ways.


we're passionate about giving back

We have all benefited from parents, siblings, coaches, and mentors who invested in us and in our dreams.


our passion is to be that person for you. we've already succeeded and know the way. Now let us show you!

We also offer a chance for you to give back as well! Check out our "shared blessings program."

how we do it

we come to you. your parents already drive enough so we come to you at your home or a local park of your choosing.

we recommend one session per week. we will work through a progressive training curriculum designed specifically for your sport. we will do initial tests to determine your current strengths as well as areas for improvement. 

each week we will focus on those fundamentals in fun, creative ways. we'll also talk about the mental side of sports that is so critical to  success. we expect our session to be the most fun you have all week.

we will not instruct you in ways that cause conflict with your team coaches. they have the ultimate responsibility to coach you in a team environment. we will give you the skills necessary to be your best within that team environment.

   private    Training


To become the best  you can be, you must commit to focused training outside of your team practice on fundamental skills, proper mentality, and fitness.


We offer you the opportunity to do just that with college athletes who have already achieved similar dreams and know how to get there. 


Our objective for every training is for you to leave smiling, sweaty, and better than you were before.

   specialized   camps


come and train at our "my college sports mentor" sports camps.


our objective is for you to learn about your sport from highly successful college athletes in an environment that stretches you while you have a ton of fun.


improvement in sports can be short-lived if we do not have fun doing it.


college Recruitment consulting

the college recruitment process can be one of the most confusing and disappointing processes an athlete and their parents go through.

Allow a former university president, athletic director, and other college professionals to turn that mystery into the culmination of all your hard work and dreams.


our story

my college sports mentor was founded on the idea that participation in athletics can be one of the most beneficial activities in a young person's life. 


in addition, we believe that we all need mentors and role models to help us reach higher levels in less time and to model behavior that we can emulate.  

we have the ability to help you become the best athlete you can be. we have a group of college athletes to show you what it's like to be a high achieving athlete, a high achieving student, and the type of high character person that any coach or teacher would be proud to work with.

when learned early, these lessons can dramatically alter the trajectory of your future inside and outside of athletics.

and when it's time, we can help you and your parents through the challenging process of being recruited by colleges. Our team consists of a former university president, a former athletic director, college coaches, and financial aid professionals. this level of inside knowledge of higher education is unprecedented and we are dedicated to helping you find the right fit to achieve your athletic and academic goals.