My College Sports Mentor.  MCSM is a division of The Amistad Companies LLC 

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at my college sports mentor, we take great pride in our team of high achieving college student athletes. these are the type of mentors you'd dream about spending time with your children. 

we're proud to highlight our founder and just a few of our mentors and other employees below.

Dr. Brett Barger
Founder and President

dr. barger has spent over 20 years in higher education, most recently as president. in college, he was twice named an academic all-american athlete. throughout his career he has had the privilege of starting a sports program, working at a variety of camps, and training young athletes individually. 

Ian B
Lead Recruiter/Mentor Trainer

ian is a current junior and college athlete. he has lived the mcsm philosophy. since his youngest days he has put in hundreds of hours training in addition to his team practices. beyond his athletic accomplishments, he is an extremely high performer in the business school at his university.

aubrey h
social media Manager

talk about "doing what you love and never working a day in your life!" Aubrey is an expert communicator and has brought that skill to mcsm to tell our story and highlight the successes of our clients and our company.