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training: indiv. & small group

Have you ever sat on the sidelines at your child's practice thinking "why won't the coaches pay more attention to my kid?"


You know they could improve if they just had more individualized instruction.

this is your chance!

consulting: college recruitment

Have you ever gone to showcase events and wondered where the college coaches were hiding and if they saw the great play your child just made?


We will tell you where they are (and where they aren't) and how to have their attention focused on your athlete.

sports camps

Mom and dad get a break and the kids have a whole lot of fun learning from our college all-star athletes!


learn the skills needed for you to excel all year long on your team.

Full and half day camps available.







track & cross country




DON'T SEE YOUR SPORT? just ask us

  • all our mentors go through a background check.

  • Our services take your athlete from the earliest days in sports all the way to college.


  • collegiate level athletes provide mentoring in both the physical and mental aspects of maximizing your child's potential. 

  • our college recruitment services provide strategies from a former university president, athletic director, college coaches, and financial aid specialists. we will create a tailored plan based on your goals.