My College Sports Mentor.  MCSM is a division of The Amistad Companies LLC 

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why indiv./small group training?

to become your best, you must commit to focused, consistent training in addition to team training.

a mentor helps you go higher faster.

excellence develops when you work while others relax.

excellent for ages 6 to 18

we design training for beginning athletes to elite athletes.

who are the mentor trainers?

our mentor trainers are college level student athletes.

we have a team of high achieving, high character athletes to guide you.

it's like having a big sister or brother who is also a star college athlete and who is really excited to see you.

all mentors are Background checked.


where will we train?

we come to you!

you pick the courts, park, school, or even your yard.

let's give your parents a break from driving for once.

what will we do?

training focuses on fundamental skills, the mental aspect of the game, and skill-based fitness.

we recommend one session per week minimum to allow for consistent progress.

our mentors chart your improvement against assessments made at regular intervals.

most importantly, you will develop a positive relationship with someone who is committed to your success.